Birthday Parties

Celebrate Birthdays the Verdi Club Way

Why not make your birthday event one-to-remember? Book our space for your birthday event and make it memorable! Your friends will be talking about your party for the whole year.

Have a Memorable Birthday Event

There's nothing like a birthday party at the Verdi Club. Sure, you can set up some folding chairs in the backyard and get a cake from the grocery store, but will you remember that a year later? Hosting your next birthday party at the Verdi Club is the sure-fire way to have an exciting, fun, and memorable party.

Arrange Food and Drinks of Your Choice

Hire a caterer or bring your own food and drinks to the Verdi Club for your next party. That includes alcohol! Pop bottles of your favorite drinks to celebrate your special day!

We Are the Perfect Spot to Host Your Party!

We've got the space for you to invite everyone you want to your birthday party. The Verdi Club can accommodate your needs up to 200 people.
Call us today to book
our space for your birthday event!
Appointments can typically be scheduled within 1-2 days of the request. Call us today!
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